I believe inner peace, wellbeing and clarity lead to external peace and precision. This is what I offer individuals and organisations through my three key disciplines described here.

With a light touch, I help connect people with their inner guidance and intuition. I am also focussed, practical and action orientated. I like to simplify where appropriate, and build connections with and between people.

People who work with me will find compassion and understanding blended with honest insight and space for clear thinking. I will bring new perspectives and I aim to increase self-awareness and self-knowledge through my work. I engage with clients whole-heartedly and holistically, so we are experiencing a shared exploration.

My journey

I grew up in a small seaside village in mid-Wales called Borth, and now live in the centre of the metropolis that is London. I have a background in international development and peacebuilding and have been fortunate enough to live in and explore a variety of countries and cultures around the globe. There have been challenges and losses in my life, and amazing times and experiences too. I feel very fortunate, and am grateful for all my adventures to date, as well as wonderful connections with a wide variety of amazing and inspiring people.

Until 2018 I always worked for organisations and companies. However, I am excited to be charting my own path now. I find it highly satisfying working independently on a meaningful level, with other people, to bring growth and fulfilment. I enjoy being able to mix and match my three professional disciplines in unique and complimentary ways. My work never ceases to stimulate me and push me to grow day by day.

I enjoy many things, from the excitement of cycling and motorbiking to the challenges of chess and pool to more restorative meditational practices. I value my own wellbeing and personal development. I have a BA (Hons) in Humanities from Brighton University, and an MA in International Development from the University of East Anglia, in addition to my professional qualifications in Reiki and coaching.